The rules are simple: any member can present a need

in the community, the need has to be immediate

and the money has to remain local. 

  • Each member will commit to donating $100 per meeting ($400 per year). 

  • The donations will be awarded to nonprofit groups that serve the Ankeny area. 100% of the contributions stay in our community.

  • Three charities will be selected at each quarterly meeting. The members whose charity is drawn for presentation will give a five-minute overview of the organization and their immediate need. See "How to Make a Presentation".

  • The attendees will vote—by ballot—for one charity. Votes will be counted by members of the steering committee and the winner will be announced.

  • If  your charity is not chosen, it will be eligible at the next quarterly meeting.

  • For your tax purposes, all checks will be made out to the chosen organization. If you are unable to attend, give your check to a member to deliver on your behalf or send an email to info@100womenwhocareankeny and we can make arrangements.

  • The non-profit must agree—and sign an agreement—to NOT use the donor names for future solicitations or give the information out to the public. If the non-profit does not adhere to this condition, they will be removed from any future consideration.


Want more information on a charity? Check out: