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From left to right: Bobbi Bentz, Susan Richards, Kerry Walter-Ashby, Julie Mangels, Stacey Koeppen




I joined and spearheaded 100 Women Who Care Ankeny as I think there are a lot of women here who would love to be involved but are strapped for time, aren't sure of local opportunities, or where their involvement can make the most impact. This organization will also bring together a diverse group of women in to socialize, network, and connect. I know we have an engaged community that wants to give back and this is a great way to do so, individually, while making a big impact collectively. 


For me, I view this as a relatively simple and proven concept. I have been researching it for a year or so with the belief that it can be successful and have a positive influence in Ankeny.  My goal has been to help provide leadership in bringing the concept to fruition and help motivate other women to share in the group's common goal. When I found out Bobbi was working to move this idea forward, I really wanted to assist. It is said that "To whom much is given, much is expected."  I feel that I have been given much and while I can't afford four $10,000 contributions per year to my community or preferred causes, I do recognize the power of synergy and can afford four $100 contributions.  When those are combined with similar donations and given collectively to one cause, we will truly make a difference.  My hope is that other women will feel the same way:  The power of 100.


My first reaction when I am asked why I joined this group of merry women is, "I can't say no."  The second answer is "Why wouldn't I?" If you think about it, I get to spend time with some very strong and confident women. These women, made up of all makes and models with varying degrees of resources and backgrounds, come together to make a big impact to those that are bettering and strengthening the community in which I live or work. 


What I love about this organization is the ability of a relatively small group of women making a big difference in our community not once, but four times a year.  $10,000 can be life changing for a small, not for profit organization that is struggling day to day.  I’ve been privileged to have recipients personally thank me with tears in their eyes which is why I find my participation in the group so gratifying. The time commitment is minimal, which makes it easy for our already busy members to participate. We also pride ourselves in sharing information on local causes that members can support all year round.  


m excited about the opportunity to give back to

The community in a new, meaningful way. Through 100 Women Who Care Ankeny, local women will learn about and support local charities. We will make measurable, significant impacts on charities making a positive difference in our community, and we will do so with little time commitment—quarterly one hour meetings—while socializing and having a great time together!