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Join today and be one of our amazing 100+ women!

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top 10 reasons to join:


Opportunity to be a part of the greater good in a short period of time — quarterly meetings last an hour or less.


Recipients are able to initiate more ambitious projects than would be possible with less funds.


100% of the donations go directly to a nonprofit serving the Ankeny community.


It's fun! Arrive early or stay late to socialize, network, and enjoy conversation with other community women who care.


Hear the impact your donation made. Each recipient will attend a subsequent meeting to share how the donation was used.


You will have the opportunity to nominate a local organization that you are passionate about and share with others their good work.


You will learn about a wide variety of local charities — some of which you may not have heard about.


Increase the impact on your community by pooling your donations with 99 or more other women.


Your $400 a year will make a $40,000 difference to local non-profits.


It just feels great!

What Members Saying

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Help us make a difference! One year membership is only $410.

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What our members are saying!

Learning about area non-profits and the ease of the process and giving.
Seeing everyone come together for the common good.
The absolute
magic that we can generate $10,000 in just 2 hours! It's amazing. No other fundraising group is that efficient.
In world full of hate and negativity it is a refreshing group to be around.
The community! I have made fantastic friends and connections!
My charitable contribution is affordable but maks a BIG impact when combined with others' charitable contributions.

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* Annual Commitment to the Cause

I am making a contribution of $410 ($100 for each quarterly recipient plus $10 toward website expenses) to support local nonprofit organizations serving the Ankeny area.


I understand that 100 Women Who Care Ankeny is not affiliated with any non-profit or other organization.

I acknowledge that photographs and videos taken at events and meetings may include my image and may be used in promotional materials for 100 Women Who Care Ankeny.

I understand my personal contact information is strictly confidential and it will not be shared* or distributed to an outside third party without my expressed consent.


*The Ankeny Community Champions will collect names and emails for the purpose of sending contribution acknowledgments.

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