We had our first ever Zoom meeting and it was a total success! The winner was Dorothy's House.


Dorothy’s House provides a safe place for the practice of life for survivors of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.


Dorothy’s House is a long term, residential home that provides survivors with the space, resources and support needed to find their healing journey.


Every survivor has a unique set of needs and personal goals. We strive to bring the resources to bear that will most specifically fit her plan, including:

  • Physical Health Care

  • Mental Well Being

  • Medication Support

  • Legal/Financial Support

  • Life/Job skills & training

  • Relationship skills

  • Community Engagement


Due to Covid-19, we requested members to donate to one of two organizations:

Ankeny Service Center


Thank you to those that could continue to give during these trying times.


We have more than 100 years of experience loving and serving our neighbor. Since our founding, ‘neighbor’ has often included people who had nowhere else to turn, especially people with disabilities.

How Mosaic has served and those whom Mosaic has served has evolved through the years. But the mission has not changed: we are called to love and serve our neighbor.


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  • Autism Services

  • Behavioral Health and Autism

  • Mental and Behavioral Health Services

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